Mushroom Cultivation Products

Unicorn Bags is the industry leader for the global fungi, mushroom, and spawn cultivation markets.

Hobbyists and large-scale companies alike require high-quality, durable, contaminant-free mushroom cultivation bags for maximum success at a low cost.

We meet the international demand for this need with cost-effective mushroom grow bags, patented filter technology, and exceptional customer service to ensure all fungi growers can experience optimal yields.

Meet Our Premium Mushroom Cultivation Bags

Fungi growth requires highly precise conditions to ensure maximum growth. Our mushroom cultivation bags provide the starting point for exceptional mushroom cultivation.


Our bags won’t break under pressure, sterilization, or movement.


Outfitted with innovative filter technology, our bags provide the ideal environment for fungi growth.

Quality Control

We follow stringent manufacturing procedures to produce dependable, consistent mushroom grow bags.


Our plastic is U.S. FDA-approved for agricultural use.


Unicorn Bags uses a resin blend with antibacterial qualities.

A Brand Trusted By Start-Up Mushroom Growers and Large-Scale Commercial Producers

Synonymous with mushroom, spawn, and entomopathogenic (biocontrol) fungi cultivation, Unicorn Bags supplies products to multiple industries, including food, medicine, and biomedical research.

Unicorn Bags are found wherever high-performing mushroom cultivation bags are needed. Our products are optimized for every application, no matter how small or large. Our distributors and industry partners achieve success with a common starting point: Unicorn’s breathable grow bags.


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The only manufacturer of U.S. FDA-approved bags for agricultural use


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A Deserved Reputation in the Mushroom Growing Industry

When environmental conditions for your cultivation and growing processes require exceptional quality and performance, ensure you’ve selected mushroom cultivation bags that will exceed your expectations and help you thrive.

Experience Unsurpassed Quality with Unicorn Bags

Our mushroom cultivation bags are effective for a wide range of growers. When you need high-quality bags for your business’s success, Unicorn Bags meets your specific needs.

Our fungi, spawn, and mushroom growing bags offer unparalleled versatility, so you can meet your goals with assurance – and on your terms.

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Whether you’re just getting started with mushroom cultivation bags and growing mushrooms, or you’re looking to successfully position yourself as a distributor or large agricultural business, you can rely on Unicorn Bags as your starting point for mushroom, spawn, and entomopathogenic (biocontrol) fungi cultivation.

We deliver the enduring solution you need to optimize fungi growth. Visit our online shop now, read frequently asked questions about Unicorn Bags or our customer service policies, or contact us directly with questions and concerns.