PRESS RELEASE: New Owners Look to Aggressively Grow Unicorn Bags

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Unicorn Bags
1005 N Avenue
PO Box 941549
Plano, TX 75074
Tel 469-298-3558 Fax 469-298-3514

October 1, 2022

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Lou and Jane Hsu have sold their Unicorn Import & MFG Corp. assets to the newly formed Texas company, Unicorn Bags, LLC.  Lou will stay on with the new company for the next year and continue to support the daily Technical, Product Development, and Research efforts as well as help in all aspects of the ownership transition.  Jane has moved into her next chapter of life building their new home and enjoying a well-deserved retirement.  All the employees and key personal have been retained and the business continues to grow rapidly along with this booming Industry.

The new owners are led by Scott Freeman, P.E as President & CEO of Unicorn Bags, LLC.  Freeman is a University of Texas Petroleum Engineer with roots in the oil & gas, and plastics manufacturing industries working for ExxonMobil and earning patents for plastic bag products.  Scott also patented oxygen filtration products leading the operations for a start-up company in Texas.  Most recently Freeman led the Global Sales and Marketing Team for the world’s largest Medical Device Outsourcing company.

Scott and Lou have met with many customers, distributors, and key opinion leaders and will continue that ongoing effort.  As the market expands and evolves, Unicorn Bags, LLC is committed to the ongoing product quality required to fully support this thriving marketplace.   From Fungi growth to Bio-Control products, to medical opportunities, Unicorn Bags, is here to serve your needs.

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Scott Freeman

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Lou Hsu

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